Core 3 Purium Lifestyle


Integrate healthy nutrition into your everyday life in 2016

Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
Are you bored with the same shit year after year?

Experiment this year, try something new and see what happens.

Say YES to having more energy, losing weight and feeling at home in your body all year long.  

Commit to 90-days of adding the most energizing, organic, non-GMO greens, proteins and antioxidants into your daily routine.  Combine that with healthy eating habits to skyrocket your bodies potential.  Or jump-start with the 10-day accelerated version.

Then we'll find the lifestyle choices that allow you to maintain your ideal weight, create consistent blood sugar, feel your natural life affirming energy ALL YEAR!

My story:
Before I did the Purium 10-day transformation I was feeling bloated, puffy and had a hard time getting through the day without a nap.  It had been 10 months since the partial hysterectomy to remove 10 lbs of fibroids from my body.   I wanted to cleanse all of the drugs from the surgery and reset my body to begin this new life path without constant pain, bleeding and lethargy.  I was ready to explore my athletic abilities but didn't have the energy to workout more.  Then my dear friend Samantha told me about her experience with the 10-day athlete transformation (accelerated program) and upon learning more about Purium I not only believe in their mission, but I also knew that my body very much needed help in digesting high quality nutrition.  I now use the products daily and I have never experienced feeling so much more energy, athletic ability and ease in taking daily supplements.

Something had to change so I took the plunge.  

During this 90 - day athlete transformation you will:

  1. Feed your body high quality nutrition that you can FEEL.
  2. Increase your natural energy
  3. Burn tons of fat and reset your metabolism
  4. Lose 1-3 inches from your belly and up to 10 inches over entire body in the first 10 days
  5. Shift your relationship to food as you kick your addiction to refined sugar, caffeine and processed foods.
  6. Detoxify with anti-aging and anti-oxidants
  7. Create a healthy everyday lifestyle
  8. Lose weight (average weight loss is between 4-10 pounds in the first 10 days)
  9. Inspire your yoga and fitness practices in profound ways
  10. Feel supported by experts in wellness and fitness and the other transformers

Join me and a group of like minded hearts who are making a shift in their health, habits and well being.  

Email to receive a $50 gift card and begin your 90-day Transformation or Private Message me on Facebook.  

The Transformation includes:

  • High quality nutrition with Purium Products 
  • Daily support from Purium and myself.
  • Recipe and snack ideas
  • Motivation, meditations and self-care practices

Your investment is in the SUPERFOODS we will be using daily to support and rejuvenate our bodies deeply. You are already spending money on food, Starbucks, spirits and snacks daily. This is a food choice, NOT a budget choice. 


Pricing varies depending on the program that works best for your goals and needs.

Email to receive a $50 gift card and begin your 90-day Transformation.  

Connect with me at least 1 week before you want to start to accommodate shipping.

When: Now!
Where:  Anywhere!

Purium is 100% aligned with your values to eat clean, organic non-GMO food as shown in this video


Info on the 10 day jumpstart transformation (this is the accelerated program you can do the 1st 10 days)

The continuation (also called core 3). This is how you will add the products into your everyday life after the transformation.

Contact me for your $50 gift card to use towards your starter pack and I will gift you a 30 minute phone consult to help you get on track with your health, wellness and fitness goals and map you a plan to get there!