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Dorie Silverman’s teaching is inspired by the belief that self-love heals.  With a heartwarming style and strong knowledge of alignment, her highest intention is to empower and inspire others to connect with and express their greatest potential both on the yoga mat and in their daily lives.   Dorie started teaching yoga in 2001. She went through the Anusara Certification process and has extensive training in asana, philosophy, alignment and therapeutics.  She teaches public and private classes as well as intimate workshops at the Love this Life Studio.  Dorie has participated and led countless teacher trainings and created the Inspire your Yoga Teaching coaching program supporting yoga teachers in growing their practice and business. 

My story:

There was always something missing.  I was doing weekly therapy to support the healing of a lifetime of depression and anxiety and I got to a place where I felt like therapy was helping me to understand myself and where the depression came from.  This was good, except nothing was actually changing in my life.  I needed to DO something.  I remembered trying yoga in college and while I'm sure it was good for me, I'm not sure I was ready for it.  I remember leaving yoga class and immediately smoking a cigarette as I drove home to my dorm room.  But this time was different.  I was ready to make a change and yoga was it.  I walked "randomly" into a class that fit my schedule.  Now, before this class I was having a daily experience of feeling like I was always wearing a visor.  It felt like there was some kind of dark shield above my head that was pushing down on my vision and mind that wouldn't allow me to look up literally and symbolically.  So... flash forward to my first yoga class.  First of all, it was so freaking hard, I was in horrible shape.  As I sweated my balls off, I started to feel that visor, that mental weight lifting.  By the end of class I felt mentally lighter than I had in years.  The darkness had lifted through breathing and, what a miracle.

I started practicing with this teacher regularly.  I went to classes and even started doing private lessons.  She was a huge support and inspiration during that time in my life.  After 6 months, I knew in my heart that I needed to share this experience with other people.  I had to share yoga with those who struggle, those who are depressed and anxious, those who were ready to go deep and heal. 

At this time I was a project manager at an e-commerce company that was in the process of merging with a bigger firm and doing some layoffs.  Luckily, I lost my job with a severance and a dream.  I started walking dogs and pursuing teaching.  Eventually, i started my own dog walking business to support myself while I did some training and started teaching classes.  Everything in the yoga world was different back then.  The training I did took about 10 years. I gathered hours from certified teachers, learning therapeutics and anatomy and immersing myself in the alignment of the body through the poses.  It was such a transformative time.  I loved being committed to  something I cared about for the first time in my life.  I took control and became a business owner of Peace of Mind Pet Care.  For three years I juggled these two jobs until the yoga started to take over the dog walking and I eventually sold my business.



I've been a yoga teacher since 2001 and I am honored to share this amazing practice.  I am humbled by the power of movement and they way in which the body/mind are so incredibly linked.  My interest in yoga has always stemmed from a hunger for healing the mind and heart and I am dedicated to sharing tools that heal through the practice of yoga and other healing therapies.  It is my honor to serve yoga students and teachers to feel empowered and at home in their own skin.