Healing from the inside out.

Somatic Therapy includes talking, touch and education around regulating your nervous system.   It teaches your body/mind/heart to experience emotions in a healthy way.  You have the opportunity to unravel stuck trauma so you can heal your mind, body and heart.  This work will remind you how to be fully HUMAN.

You'll schedule a therapy session with me if:

  • Anxiety, disappointment and stress have become unmanageable.

  • Depression is present for you a lot of the time.

  • You feel unfulfilled, disconnected, addicted, angry or sad a lot of the time.

  • You have trouble following through or feel blocked.

  • You have had major surgeries or chronic illness as a child or adult.

  • You experienced birth trauma.

  • You've been in a traumatic accident.

  • You're experiencing grief and loss of a loved one.

  • You're going through a major life transition.

  • You've tried every alternative therapy that you can think of and nothing is giving you lasting results.

  • You have:

    • Lupus

    • Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia

    • Undiagnosed or systemic chronic pain

    • Migraines



While I work with all age groups, my specialty and passion is women over 40 and/or their daughters (age 8-13) who experience anxiety and depression.

Sessions can be done individually or together to support the foundational bond between mom's and daughters so that both can feel connected, enriched and fulfilled in their relationship with themselves, each other, friends and family.

Chicago, San Diego and online via skype or zoom.

me and mom

me and mom

Me, mom and grandma

Me, mom and grandma

Monthly Therapy Package (4 sessions)
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