Movement that makes you feel ALIVE!

Movement is life.  Finding ways to move that keep you healthy, strong and mobile are foundational in living a life you love.  Whether you're interested in Yoga,  Functional and/or Intuitive movement, I can provide a space and structure for you to learn, explore and heal.

You will hire me for movement coaching if:

  • You are healing from an injury or surgery

  • You are feeling stiff, aging rapidly, acquiring more and more pain.

  • You want to prevent or slow down spine degeneration, shrinking and poor posture.

  • You want to refine your yoga practice or learn healthy alignment.

  • You want to try something new.

  • You want to feel agile, light and young again.

  • You are a yoga teacher who wants to advance your skills.


Private Sessions

Group Sessions





Regular class

Saturdays 10am @ Yogaview Chicago



Focus and Self-Love

“For many reasons, I had decided it was time to bring yoga into my life. I wasn’t sure how to start, and then I was put into contact with Dorie and all was well. Dorie has helped me in so many ways....she has not only shown me the physical movements of yoga, but she has shared with me the ways to treat myself and focus myself while doing it. None of this would have happened if I was one of 12 in a class, so while it was an investment financially, it has been the best investment in myself that I could have made. I am so grateful for having met Dorie and for having benefited from her amazing one-on-one teaching.”

— Cheri, Chicago-based yoga student

Freedom from pain

"I feel really, really good. In fact, I haven’t touched my foam roller at all (upper back) and when I sleep my hips and legs do not ache like they did last summer. I am more mindful of my posture and I just feel all around stronger. I feel more grounded physically in my power and even mentally. My heart feels more full. This reminds me of something similar to what you said in class and it’s true!

— Lisa Bracker, Chicago-based yoga student

Reduce Stress and Improve Mental Clarity

“Yoga in the workplace reduces stress and improves mental clarity. Like a throw rug, when we are constantly being used to insulate peoples’ next steps, we accumulate dirt and unwanted particles.

Yoga is like we
have taken our rugs out to be shaken in the fresh air, so they can work more effectively after they have been put back in to position.

I have noticed positive changes in my body, since doing Yoga regularly at work.

Being that my job is physically and mentally demanding, Dorie’s Yoga instruction has helped me conduct a more healthy work-day.””

— Gina P, Chicago corporate yoga student