I'm here to help you love your life.

I believe women and their daughters are the foundational fabric of our world.  I help them develop life changing tools to have a loving and caring connection with themselves and each other so they can have meaningful relationships and life experiences.  

How I can help you.

Utilizing an array of therapeutic tools including Somatic Therapy, Touch, Mindfulness, Meditation, Movement and daily habits I have helped people feel a sense of healing, growth and ability to be present for their life's precious moments.  I've helped 10 year olds perform better at standardized testing, women and daughters to support each other when they're anxious and depressed, families going through divorce, women grieving or needing post surgical care.  

Together we will build a capacity for your nervous system to experience all of the ups and downs of life.  You will feel empowered, hopeful, connected and free.  

Until your nervous system literally grows up...all of the holistic practices in the world will not create lasting change.  

From there to here...

In 2000 I was fed up.  It wasn't my deepest depression, (that was high school) but I was down enough of the time to realize that what I was doing wasn't helping.  Talk therapy wasn't enough, so I went to my first yoga class.  A weight lifted immediately and I was hooked.  The combo of therapy and regular yoga really moved things forward...until they didn't.  I was sick a lot as a child, had my first surgery at age 11 and then multiple surgeries through my teenage years, 20's, 30's and 40's.  I tried everything to heal, every diet, holistic treatment, mindsets changes, affirmations, countless therapies, bodywork, etc.  Then, my mom got sick.  The anxiety and depression I had kept at bay, started to take over my life.  The medical trauma of my lifetime rose to the surface.  This massive amount of stuck energy in my body created a pattern of anxiety and depression that felt like living on a rollercoaster.

It is devastating, heart breaking and downright depressing to work so hard at healing and barely see any movement forward.  Its like dog paddling under the surface of the water and barely ever getting a breath.  

I feel you

When I finally found somatic therapy I felt in my body that this was the foundational work that would hold everything else in a healthy way.  Like building a house, foundation first.

Healing from the source

It has and now I bring all of the best tools and techniques to you.  Once the stuck energy of trauma is released slowly over time, with steady support, so so much with shift for you.