Setting up my day

Setup your day so that all of the decisions you make begin to reflect what you're creating. 

Take 30 mins or so to write in your journal where you won't be interrupted.
Write down what you really want and how being out of pain will get you there.  
Here are some questions to get you started:

What makes me feel alive?  What activities, feelings, actions, thoughts, ways of being make me feel that way?  
When was the last time I felt fully alive??  What was I doing?  What was I feeling? Who was I being?
What does my life look like without pain?
What am I able to do with my family?
What activities will I get back to or what have I always wanted to do but couldn't because of the pain?  What does it feel like in my body to invision doing these activities again?  Can you imagine it and FEEL it?
What does my partnership/marriage feel like?  Is there more intimacy?  Do I feel more connected to my partner?
What do my relationships with my family feel like? Kids? Grandkids?  What activities will I do with them?
How will I feel in my own skin?
Where will I travel?  
What will I do with my extra time?
What will I do with the extra money I'm not spending on health care?

HOMEWORK:  Every morning, do this meditation.

Diagnosing your PATTERNING

HOMEWORK:  email your 3 pictures to within the first week of the course before your 1 on 1 call with Dorie.

Look at your pictures as you answer these questions below.  Write out your answers and we will go over them together.

Use these questions to diagnose your body patterning:

-Are the arches in my feet flat or curved up away from the floor?  
-Do my knees lock/hyperextend?
-Do my hips sit forward of my ankles?
-Does my pelvis tip forward or backward (forward is a tip, backward is a tuck)?
-Do I have a bubble butt or a flat butt?
-Is my lower back flat or in a curve
-Is my upper back flat or in a curve?
-Do my shoulders roll forward?
-Is my neck flat or in a curve?
-Does my head sit forward of my spine or on top of it?

Schedule your coaching call with Dorie once you have completed both of the activities above:

email her at:

HOMEWORK:  Have module 1 completed when you schedule your first one - on - one call with Dorie