Treat yourself or someone you love, the investment you make is invaluable in enhancing your health.

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Gift certificates can be used towards:

  • a private lesson with Dorie to refine your yoga skills, begin a yoga practice with a strong foundation, or work on your yoga teaching skills

  • a yoga lesson for you and your friends

  • a birthday celebration

  • holiday gift

  • wedding gift for the couple, bride or bridal party

  • celebrate the end or beginning of something with yoga and time together

  • apply an amount towards any workshop at the Love this Life Studios

Email to purchase your gift certificate

Email to purchase your gift certificate

I have been very fortunate to begin my yoga practice with Dorie. Previous attempts in various classes have resulted in back pain so I was very concerned about trying again. Dorie quickly determined that my form would likely cause pain. I committed to working with her until I could feel confident that my form would keep me safe in class. Since then, I’ve found so much value in private sessions that I’ve chosen to continue our work together. Not only has she helped me with form, she has also helped me identify how my overachieving, perfectionistic tendencies influence my practice. She has helped me begin to take a more compassionate approach, one that helps in my life off of the mat as well, not to mention that my severe, tension headaches are virtually nonexistent. Dorie is caring, committed AND a lot of fun! I highly recommend working with her.
— Carol - Chicago based yoga student
For many reasons, I had decided it was time to bring yoga into my life. I wasn’t sure how to start, and then I was put into contact with Dorie and all was well. Dorie has helped me in so many ways....she has not only shown me the physical movements of yoga, but she has shared with me the ways to treat myself and focus myself while doing it. None of this would have happened if I was one of 12 in a class, so while it was an investment financially, it has been the best investment in myself that I could have made. I am so grateful for having met Dorie and for having benefited from her amazing one-on-one teaching.
— Cheri - Chicago based yoga student
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I look forward to joining your healing posse.  Lets rock this life!!!