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Intro to Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy uses the body to process emotions and pain rather than using the brain as you would in talk therapy.  This requires a connection to the body, knowing what your body does when you're happy, joyful, inspired, grateful AND what your body does/feels like when you're feeling resistance, pain, anxiety, worry, heartache, etc. 

When we're in pain or struggling emotionally you need to have a toolbox full of tools to support you.  One of these tools is resourcing.  We will go over this in more detail in your session.  Complete this writing exercise to prepare for our session.


Pick 3 times in your life where you remember feeling joyful, eexhilarated, happy, inspired or grateful.  Describe each one in detail.  Explore what you saw, what you felt, what you smelled, what you tasted and what you heard.  Describe these experiences in as much detail as possible.  

This is an incomplete list of sensations.  You will certainly add more as you learn more about your body.  You can reference this at any time for your information, or print it out and paste it somewhere you can see it everyday.

Click here to download the List of Sensations PDF: