My deepest desire for you is that you live a life full of pleasure, lightness, empowerment, clarity and meaning.  That was my original intention for Love this Life Studios.  Having lived with depression and fibroid tumors and anemia most of my life, I have been committed to finding tools that uplift my body and mood. 

After many years of talk therapy, while I felt like I understood some of my mental patterning that was causing the depressive state, not a whole lot in my life was changing.  I still hated my job and had horrible luck in relationships.  So I decided to go back to yoga.

During that first class I experienced a major shift.  The depression that had become my everyday mood, created a dark cloud over my head, like a permanent pressure visor, I could never look up figuratively and literally.  I will never forget the moment that visor and dark cloud lifted during that first class.  I was blown away that there was something that could shift my inner experience so quickly.  Immediately I was hooked.

My teacher used to gather us around him at the beginning of workshops to do a philosophy lesson.  It was at my first workshop with him that my mind exploded and my perspective on life began its shift from, "life sucks, it will always be this way, I'm not smart enough, I don't have anything to contribute, I'm always going to feel like shit" to "life is a gift and I can live a happy and healthy life"  It was a REVELATION. And why hadn't anyone told me this before?  What I knew was life is suffering and then my mind began its slow migration to a new perspective.

That first class in 2000 led to becoming a yoga teacher, going through a 10 year certification process (basically getting my masters.  FYI, these kinds of trainings don't exist anymore. )  Teaching alignment based vinyasa yoga (Anusara), acquiring a severe and chronic hamstring injury and a rotator cuff injury and then finding Sridaiva or the Bowspring Method of practicing yoga and functional movement. 

This practice has (my benefits)


The Bowspring method is the physical tool we begin with which can and usually does evolve into the emotional and mental/mindfulness and belief systems realm.

Throughout the years I have explored art therapy, Internal Family Systems, EMDR, DBT, life coaching and shamanic healing.  I am continually listening to or reading Dan Savage, Tara Brach, Byron Katie, Danielle LaPorte, Kris Carr, Marie Forleo, Christiane Northrop M.D., Tosha Silver, Regina Thomhauser, Louise Hay, Lorin Roche.  These master's of life, love, health and connection to spirit fuel the tools that I bring to support you.

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I look forward to joining your healing posse.  Lets rock this life!!!