Uplifted Posture, strength and agility for an active pain-free life

The Bowspring Method is a postural alignment system that re-patterns the way you hold yourself physically.  This health enhancing posture will allow you ultimately feel lighter, stronger, more open-hearted, optimistic, orgasmic, pleasured, curious and playful, and empowered because your physicality informs your mind and mood.  It will also significantly improve your balance and enhance your ease of movement and potential in your everyday activities including the sports and leisure activities you love so much.


You're a great candidate for The Bowspring Method if you resonate with any of these situations:

-You're looking for something new, challenging and life changing
-You're any age but especially over 40
-you have neck or lower back pain
-you have trouble balancing
-you are losing mobility or strength
-you want to feel lighter and stronger in your body/mind
-you're ready to release emotional blocks from your body from trauma and/or illness
-you're an athlete and want to maximize your athletic performance

It takes a minimum of 10 hrs to shift a body pattern.  If you commit to yourself, I know you will create a positive shift in your health and your life.

Mental Benefits

  • Focus

  • Confidence

  • Clarity

  • Empowerment

  • Stress reduction

  • Joy and Pleasure

  • Optimistic

  • Open-hearted

  • Curious

  • Playful

  • Empowered

What to expect

  • Uplifted posture

  • Strength

  • Dynamic stretching

  • Playful movement

  • Spine lengthening

  • Positive energy

  • Meditation

  • Rejuvenation

Physical benefits

  • Restore healthy mobility in your lower back, neck, shoulders, knees and hips

  • eight loss

  • Cellulite reduction

  • All over body tone

  • Longer leaner looking body

  • Improved balance

  • Enhance ease of movement

  • Healthy pelvic floor tone

  • Restore healthy sex drive

  • Bigger orgasms

  • Digestive health

  • Feeling lighter

  • Live in your body pain free

I have been very fortunate to begin my yoga practice with Dorie. Previous attempts in various classes have resulted in back pain so I was very concerned about trying again. Dorie quickly determined that my form would likely cause pain. I committed to working with her until I could feel confident that my form would keep me safe in class. Since then, I’ve found so much value in private sessions that I’ve chosen to continue our work together. Not only has she helped me with form, she has also helped me identify how my overachieving, perfectionistic tendencies influence my practice. She has helped me begin to take a more compassionate approach, one that helps in my life off of the mat as well, not to mention that my severe, tension headaches are virtually nonexistent. Dorie is caring, committed AND a lot of fun! I highly recommend working with her.
— Carol - Chicago based yoga student


For many reasons, I had decided it was time to bring yoga into my life. I wasn’t sure how to start, and then I was put into contact with Dorie and all was well. Dorie has helped me in so many ways....she has not only shown me the physical movements of yoga, but she has shared with me the ways to treat myself and focus myself while doing it. None of this would have happened if I was one of 12 in a class, so while it was an investment financially, it has been the best investment in myself that I could have made. I am so grateful for having met Dorie and for having benefited from her amazing one-on-one teaching.
— Cheri - Chicago based yoga student
My friends and I regularly throw themed dance party where I’m dancing from 10pm-2am (The Fabulous Ladies of Fitness). Normally I have to leave around midnight because I’m so exhausted. The way the bowspring has re-patterned my body, I am way more adventurous with my movements and I feel 10 times lighter. I can now dance all 4 hours and still have energy by 2am because I’m using my body so efficiently. Overall, I’ve noticed I have more energy and I’m not so draggy. I am stronger and lighter than ever before in my daily life activities and my mood.
— Dorie Silverman (me)
I used to enjoy running quite a bit, but my low back would would bother me after many of my runs. I quit running and switched to more low impact forms of exercise. I practiced vinyasa yoga mostly, but my back continued to give me problems. About 8 months ago I was introduced to Bowspring, initially it was quite a challenge to learn to hold the posture while gaining much needed strength in all my weak spots. As I progressed though the practice I became aware that I wasn’t having my frequent bouts with back pain. I learned how to hold my body in a way that supported my back and strengthened my core, glutes, and hamstrings. Bowspring allowed me to move throughout my day in an optimal posture. I began to run recently and I am truly enjoying it again. I am able to do may of the things that would cause me back pain in the past. I’m finding that I am more “functionally fit” now, that doing daily chores around the house, lifting heavy things, sitting at my desk and particularly driving, are so much easier and pain free. I continue to run and practice Bowspring, of course!
— Bridget Gross, Chicago based Bowspring Method Instructor
From doing weekly Bowspring privates with Dorie, I immediately noticed the difference in my balance and posture. I am an older woman who still horseback rides and competes in dressage. The bowspring yoga is not just studio poses. It is applicable to all sports as well as standing sitting and walking. It is all about alignment and balance . Now I sit and walk tall, shoulders back, breathing more deeply and an with an open chest. I can even stand on one foot. Dorie is a wonderful teacher. Knowledgable, supportive and great fun.
— Barbara Levinson, yoga student and horseback riding enthusiast
I am addicted to playing with the bowspring! Before starting bowspring in December 2014, I was seeing a physical therapist for shoulder and neck issues. By February I was hooked. My neck and shoulder haven’t felt this good in years and I found myself wanting to be in the bow on and of the mat. I realized that my shoulder, neck, back, glutes and radiant heart have never felt so strong. With the slight tip of the tail bone and the expansion of the rib cage and lower back I walk, and run!, with a new bounce in my step. I’m not shy to say, that my intimate life has changed in surprising ways. My old habit was to tuck my tailbone when I was feeling strong, in control, or excited. When my pelvis is slightly tipped during orgasm, my keigel muscles are more relaxed which allows the orgasmic pulsation to be way more intense.
— Julie, chicago based yoga student and aspiring yoga teacher.
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I look forward to joining your healing posse.  Lets rock this life!!!