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Nervous system regulation for anxiety and overwhelm

The stress, anxiety and worry of our current lifestyle can leave you feeling exhausted, fed up and perhaps even sick.  While you do tons of self-care, anxiety and stress are still a big part of your life.

This workshop is for you if you experience:

  • everyday stress, anxiety and uncertainty

  • feeling stuck

  • exhaustion or chronic fatigue

  • disconnection from other people

  • a lack of purpose, fulfillment, and contentment with life

  • chronic and/or mystery pain

  • difficulty feeling joy and satisfaction

  • a desire to take your yoga off the mat

There is nothing wrong with you. You CAN build a strong foundation in your system so you can experience more aliveness on and off your mat!

Join me in this experiential and introductory workshop where I will help you:

  • Understand what anxiety and stress are

  • Learn how stress and relaxation work in your nervous system

  • Feel safe in your body

  • Dispel the myths about meditation and mindfulness

  • Uncover, at least two, mindfulness tools that work for your body and mind that you can start integrating into your life TODAY

  • Feel empowered to take care of your own system and hope in healing.

What to expect:

This is an educational and experiential class.  You don’t need a mat. We will be moving around and being still in a way that your body feels the most comfortable (ie.  sitting on the ground, lying down, gentle walking around the room. Not necessarily yoga “poses”.) Wear comfy clothes, bring a pen and a journal (optional) and your curiosity.

Sunday , June 9th, 2019
10am-12 pm
@Love this Life Studio in Andersonville

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