The #1 killer of women is heart disease and cancer.

The culprit…stress.

Sister, if you are not making stress your number 1 health priority and focus, your diet, alternative therapies, meditation and woo woo treatments will not effectively create long term health in your body.

If you’re feeling:

  • Constant worry and stress.

  • Stuck, unmotivated or procrastinating

  • Exhaustion, chronic fatigue, or overwhelm

  • Disconnected from other people

  • Unfulfilled in life

  • Chronic and/or mystery pain

  • Difficulty experiencing joy and satisfaction.

This workshop is for you!

You CAN build a strong foundation in your nervous system and change your stress responses!

Join me in this 2-hour introductory experiential workshop where I will help you:

* Understand what anxiety and stress is, and learn how stress and relaxation work in your nervous system

* Feel safe in your body and dispel the myths of meditation and mindfulness

* Uncover at least two mindfulness tools you can start integrating into your life TODAY!

What to expect:

This is an educational and experiential class.  You don’t need a mat. We will be moving around and being still in a way that your body feels the most comfortable (ie.  sitting on the ground, lying down, gentle walking around the room. Not necessarily yoga “poses”.) Wear comfy clothes, bring a pen and a journal (optional) and your curiosity.

Sunday , August 11th, 2019
10am-12 pm
@Love this Life Studio in Andersonville

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