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From working with Dorie, I immediately noticed the difference in my balance and posture. I am an older woman who still horseback rides and competes in dressage.  This way of moving is not just studio poses. It is applicable to all sports as well as standing sitting and walking. It is all about alignment and balance . Now I sit and walk tall, shoulders back, breathing more deeply and an with an open chest. I can even stand on one foot. Dorie is a wonderful teacher. Knowledgable, supportive and great fun.
— Barbara Levinson, Chicago, IL
I am addicted to moving in this way! Prior to December 2014, I was seeing a physical therapist for shoulder and neck issues. By February I was hooked on this form of movement. My neck and shoulder haven’t felt this good in years and I found myself wanting to be in the bow on and of the mat. I realized that my shoulder, neck, back, glutes and radiant heart have never felt so strong. With the slight tip of the tail bone and the expansion of the rib cage and lower back I walk, and run!, with a new bounce in my step. I’m not shy to say, that my intimate life has changed in surprising ways. My old habit was to tuck my tailbone when I was feeling strong, in control, or excited. Bonus!  When my pelvis is slightly tipped during orgasm, my keigel muscles are more relaxed which allows the orgasmic pulsation to be way more intense.
— Julie, Chicago, IL