The Healing Spiral

Listen and take notes:



HOMEWORK:  Add to your morning Meditation, "I trust in my bodies innate intelligence to heal.  I know there will be ups and downs and I trust the process."

If your body is hurting, give it some attention and see what that does for your body and how you feel about yourself.  Self - Care practices to put into place:

  • Your morning meditation - everyday!!!
  • Adequate water intake - about 11.5 cups/day (this includes your food intake which will give you about 20% of this amount)
  • Use natural remedies if you're feeling sore from the practices:
    • Soak for 15 mins in an epsom salt bath.  I frequently use this one, however any unscented one is a good choice. Also, you can add essential oils to the bath salts if you like.  Turn off the lights, light a candle and give yourself this time.
    • Blow kisses to your hands.  Rub the sore area with oil for 5-15 minutes.  I use sweet almond oil or un-toasted sesame oil. Give it some love from your hands.
    • If you're feeling inflammation, use ice for 15 minute intervals.  Its cheap and easy and will reduce swelling.  
    • Do the practices 4 times/week at a minimum.  You can certainly do more.  You may need a day off here and there.  Take it!  You will come back rejuvenated.  
    • When your body is speaking to you, listen and ask questions.  Talk to your body, let her know you're here for her, you're listening and you will take care of her.
    • More self-care practices to come.