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The Heart



The focus of this practice:

  • Connecting to your heart space inside with the breath

  • Connecting to your heart from the outside with your hands

  • Separating your heart from your pelvis and learning how to use your arms to do that

  • Beginning to feel the optimal posture of the lower body by activating your legs


  • Approach your body with Awareness and Compassion.

  • Welcome sensation and get CURIOUS about it. Without judging, have an experience.

  • top moving and shake it out if any of your muscles tense up or cramp. Then come right back to the practice.

  • how up and do the practice at least 4x/week. More if possible.

  • Drink a ton of water before and after.

Breast Massage - you can use oil or the body scrub below in the shower.

  • Blow kisses into your hands

  • Massage down on the outside and up on the inside : breathe into the breast tissue and your heart as you notice what you're feeling in your breasts. Its completely natural for emotions to come up. Give yourself a few mins with this. Slow waaaayyy down.

  • Then reverse the direction - down on the inside, up on the outside. What quality do you want to bring into your heart? Compassion, Love, Pleasure, Joy. Focus on bringing that quality into your breast tissue as you massage.

Notice if your hips want to move too and let your whole body really enjoy this sweet loving self care to your heart and breasts.

  • Hold and cup your breasts firmly against your chest. Melt into your heart.

  • You can talk to your breasts: You're safe, You're loved, You're beautiful

  • Gently shake your breasts as you cup them firmly. This flushes the lymph fluid.

  • Finish with a hug and a body shake/shimmy

Body scrub recipe:

1/2 cup organic sugar or sea salt
1/2 + 1/4 cup sweet almond oil, coconut oil, or untoasted sesame oil (you can use any oil you want in here, thees are my faves)
15-20 drops Bergamot Oil
15-20 drops Grapefruit Oil

mix it up and store in a sealed glass container.