Week 5 - Developing Your Senses

Continue with the physical practices from Weeks 1-4 so that you're practicing the healthy patterning in your body every day.  Add these mini meditations to your morning or evening routine to start to connect more deeply to your senses.



You can download these audio practices by right clicking on the black bar and choosing Save As




Select a few items that feel yummy to you to touch for this practice. For example, a soft sweater or blanket and some things with texture that you enjoy.


Select a few smells that you enjoy, an essential oil, fresh flowers, a candle, your partner's cologne, etc for this practice.


  • If the sensations you are feeling make you anxious or are too much move your attention outward to the room where you're sitting.  Orient to your environment and notice if that brings you back to being present. The idea here is to give your system just a little bit of stimulation and then bring yourself back to what's pleasant or to the environment.  When you do this back and forth with just a little bit, over time your nervous system will learn how to regulate on its own.
  • Explore all of your senses daily to get a sense of what you can use out in your life to bring you back to FEELING alive and present.  This is a body knowing, not a mind knowing so take your time with each sense.
  • Orient to ease and pleasure.  This ease muscle will develop to the point where you will be able to be in your body and in your life at the same time.  Be curious, patient and loving and you develop this new neuropathway.