3 lessons for 2015

I am writing to you from my trusty, comfy couch that has been my workstation,
nap station and staycation for the last 3 weeks.  I had surgery and am right on track with my healing.  The inevitability of this procedure has been a stress on my life for many many years so, it is a huge relief that I'm on the other side of it.  More deets on the surgery later.

For now, I'd like to share this with you.  Being still and going through this healing process has been a huge eye opener for me.  Phrases like "let go of expectations" and "go with the flow" and "healing isn't linear" have been a part of my vocabulary since I began practicing yoga and looking deeper inside.  However, like most life lessons, you have to live it to really learn it.  And lets get real, you have to live it and learn it a million times sometimes before it really sinks in.  Once you've learned the lesson, you have a lifetime of reminding yourself of it. 

For the last 3 weeks I've been watching my body, mind, and spirit heal.  This process has been incredibly interesting and terrifying.  I've been told there are milestones to the healing process.  After 2 weeks you'll be able to go back to work, after 6 weeks you'll be all the way back to your life and after a year you'll feel like yourself again.  So, at the 2 week mark, I expected to feel amazing.  Instead I had a fever and was absolutely exhausted for 24 hours.  My body wouldn't let me do anything but sleep. The next day my fever was gone and I had more energy.   Repeatedly, I've felt great one minute and shitty the next.  This road is not straight, healing is not linear.  This isn't the kind of thing you can push through or control.  I can't.  I'm learning to learn to trust the innate intelligence of my body in a way I've never had to before, I can't ignore her, she knows the healing journey and I don't.  I'm learning to follow her lead. 

The ability to trust the innate flow of my inner rhythms is the path to health and well being.  This isn't some airy fairy notion that I've read in a book, a pretty phrase I heard in a yoga class or a thought form that I've been taught.  It is an every moment tuning in and then responding with appropriate action.  Its a deep honoring of what's real and true.

So, how is healing possible if the messages are more subtle?  If you're not going through a major life changing surgery or illness, heartbreak or loss?

How do you tune in when there's so much in life tuning you out?

Sit down and be still for 5 minutes a day. (meditation classes coming soon)

When you're tired, rest. 

When you're in pain, stop. 

When you need to cry, cry. 

Get on your yoga mat and tune into you - (class schedule, private lessons, take a workshop/intensive)

Go on a yoga retreat with me in Costa Rica. (more info here)

Be true to ALL of what you experience - this is yoga.


So much LOVE!



Unplug and truly tune into yourself on a yoga retreat in Nosara Costa Rica.

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This yoga retreat is all about YOU!  Click here to receive the best gift you can give yourself.

This yoga retreat is all about YOU!  Click here to receive the best gift you can give yourself.