Settle Your Sh*t ℠ Group

Settle Your Sh*t ℠ Weekly Group

Settle Your Sh*t℠  will change:

How you respond to anxiety, stress, and pain
What it means to feel safe and at ease in your body
How you relate to those in your life that you love
Your ability to set healthy boundaries
How clearly you hear and respond to your intuition 
How vital and alive you feel


The Holiday edition of SYS will provide the time and space needed to handle the stress of the holidays.

Our time together will consist of: 

  • time to cultivate the skills needed to regulate prior to holiday festivities

  • creating safe space

  • learn tools to experience anxiety and stress in a healthy way during holiday gatherings

  • developing listening skills both inside ourselves and with one another

  • being seen and heard as we are (inside and out)

The group is powerful in healing as rupture happens in relationship therefore, repair happens in relationship. 

When: Wednesdays, November 14, 28, December 5, 12 and 19th
Where: My home studio in Andersonville (location sent upon registration)
Time: 6:30-8pm
Investment: $250

***Refunds cannot be issued. If you are unable to make it to one of the sessions due to pre-planned travel, emergency or illness, please contact Dorie to make other arrangements.

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I look forward to joining your healing posse.  Lets rock this life!!!