Transforming Fear

A few nights ago, I walked to a friend's house to pick up Gracie.  it was a beautiful night, about 50 degrees which felt delightful for winter in Chicago.  Trotting along, I enjoyed and breathed in the fresh air, listened to singing birds, and excitedly envisioned Gracie's little head in my hands kissing her sweet face too many times. She's so so delicious.  I love it when she sees me for the first time and squeals when she realizes who I am.  Oh, be still my heart.  

It was 10ish pm and I began to feel that fear that usually comes when I'm walking alone late at night.  Within seconds I was enveloped by the cold vulnerability that sends chills through your veins. Then the visions of being attacked filled my body mind.  Unfortunately, a commonplace feeling for most women.  

In an instant my enjoyment and appreciation of the moment vanished.  I began to breathe. I slowed my pace and felt my breath expanding so that I could feel my ribs and lungs opening against the  band of my bra.  Then, I began to take the shape (The Bowspring) that I've been practicing for the last year and a half.  I breathed my ribcage and heart full. Then, with each step I pulled back with my feet so that my glutes and hamstrings starting working too.  I floated my heart away from my pelvis, lifted my chin and began to visualize the shape of my body.  I learned at InVision the energy school in Lakeview, that you can fill your body in with your own gold life energy to replenish and rejuvenate.  So, in visioning my shape, I poured in a gold shimmery color so that my mind began living into my body with a feeling AND an image.  

With each empowered step, feelings of bone chilling fear began to shift into feelings of courage, lightness and power. I felt that I could take care of myself.  Not a vulnerable little waif of a human, but, a solid and powerful creature moving upon the earth.  Even after 15 years of practice, again, I'm reminded of the incredible POWER of the awareness on the body.  

The Bowspring Method has become so much more than a way to strengthen and heal my body. It has become a way to live this life from a brand new perspective.  While all of my training has taught me that the form we take affects our perspective and mood, feeling it fascinates the shit out of me and inspires me to share this with as many people as I can.  

How would you live differently or who would you be if you approached yourself and your life from feeling courageous, strong, agile, able, light, upright, open in your bodymind?  How would your relationships change? 

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